Sebastián Marín

Stanford University
CPSI Instructor
Renewable Energy Researcher
MIT THINK Competition Finalist

Seba is currently a rising sophomore at Stanford University, studying mechanical engineering. Seba became interested in renewable energy toward the beginning of high school, mostly because he realized how little people were talking about rapid climate change for how real of an issue it is.
During the next few years, he began learning about and helping solve the world’s energy problems. He has worked with three different labs, mostly focusing on low emissions hydrogen production. His senior year of high school, he also came in second in the MIT THINK competition with his non-electric vaccine refrigerator, which was later funded by the Gates Foundation. Currently, he is working at a Stanford lab to develop better atmospheric carbon capture methods.
Seba loves educating. Having tutored students for over 400 hours, he has realized how rewarding it is to make others feel as fascinated as he is about science. He has even worked extensively with the government of Chile (his home country), to make the way they teach STEM more engaging and enriching. He is very excited to meet his students and help them see the side of science that he loves.

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