Future Scientist Series – Covid-19 Breakthroughs

Oct 26, 2020

Dr. Rick Chiu, a Hong Kong Inventor with a Ph.D in Bioengineering from UCLA, will tell the story of how his research led to the invention of a revolutionary sample-preparation technology that can improve the sensitivity of most diagnostic tools, and bring new hope to the Covid-19 pandemic.
His company, Phase Scientific, has received multiple grants from:
– National Institutes of Health
– National Science Foundation
– Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
In addition, Phase Scientific has also accrued prestigious awards:
– Company of the Year in APAC 2019 (Biotech)
– Top 10 Biotech Startups in APAC 2019
– Hong Kong Business Awards 2019 – Startup Award
– Top 50 Biotech Startups in Greater Bay Area 2019
– Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Leaders Awards 2019 – Leading Bio-Tech Developer of the Year
– 2019 China Medical Devices Design & Entrepreneurship Award for in-vitro Diagnostics.
Image taken from Future Scientist Series 3 Event